Articles about Project Gutenberg

Disclaimer: Articles in this space are written by independent individuals. Their opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Michael Hart or those of Project Gutenberg. They are put here for interest and reference only. Authors retain all copyright privileges.

The Digital Press by Robert Sanchez
Appears in the September 1995 issue of Internet World
Future of Publishing by Kushal Dave
An article discussing how electronic texts (specifically Project Gutenberg) will effect the future of publishing.
Gutenberg Project by Gary Wolf and Michael Stein
Article about Project Gutenberg on the Web version of the book Aether Madness: An Offbeat Guide to the Online World.
On-Line Chat: InterText and Gutenberg on AOL; transcript edited by Jason Snell
Online conversation with Jason Snell of InterText and Christy Phillips of Project Gutenberg

Last Updated: November 1995